I was born and raised in Florida, but in

recent years have come to call Martha's Vineyard my

home. I vacationed on the island with my family as a

child, and at the end of the summer six years ago, I

found myself unable to leave. Since then, I've lived

here year-round and enjoyed every minute of it!

Now, years deep in seminars, classes and lots of

practice, photography is what I do. I know what

it's like to be a bride and to want your photos to

come out exactly as beautiful as the day itself. I

know that turning the magic of a family vacation into

a portrait is invaluable. I take great care in

capturing unique moments in peoples lives and turning

them into something tangible that you can treasure


The simplicity of island life is hard to imagine

living without. One street light, quiet little dirt

roads, ocean views all around, and the warm community

make the hassle of taking a boat to get here all worth


Finding a photographer that is right for you is what's

most important. Part of my process includes meeting

with you, getting to know your style, exactly what

you're looking for, what your vision is etc. This is

how I capture the real you through my lens. This is how the

true brilliance of a moment materializes into

something you can hold on to and look at for the rest

of your life.

I'm a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and am linked to MVOL, One wed, All Wedding, FAP, Photolinks, Top Wedding Lists Network, Team Wedding, The Wedding Spot, Freelance Designers, World Web, Clienty, Wedding Photo USA, Bridal Wedding Favors, Photographer Directory of Massachusetts, Wedj, 1Photostreet, Find a wedding photographer, Waterside Realty LLC, Lomelo Consulting, Chubbybum…

Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.  I'd love to sit down with you or simply chat about your photography needs and expectations for any event of its kind!  Hope to hear from you soon!




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